Dave Westburg, Partner, Billboard Loans

Worried about high interests rates?  Already at your debt capacity.  Want a partner to assist you in growing your operation?  Billboard Loans makes equity investments in addition to providing debt.  Here’s what we look for.

  • Experienced, hard working management which is willing to co-invest along side us.  We want you to have some of your own money at risk so our interests are aligned.
  • A focus on roadside billboards because that’s our background.  We have limited interest in mobile billboards, emerging technologies or place based digital.
  • A lease portfolio with a remaining life in excess of 20 years and lease costs of 20% of revenue or less.
  • A potential equity return in excess of 20%/year.  This typically means we are involved in funding new construction or in funding turnarounds.
  • A path to liquidity in 3-5 years via a sale or refinance.
  • A target equity investment of $100,000 to $10 million.

Here are the benefits from our involvement.

  • We can handle accounting and capital raising and legal so so you have more  focus on development.
  • We can provide debt to assist at boosting returns.
  • We can assist with sales.
  • We can provide management continuity and a succession plan in case something happens to you.
  • We can use our 26 years of experience in the out of home business to help you operate more efficiently and avoid mistakes.

To discuss equity opportunities contact Dave Westburg, [email protected], 206-910-1283.