Mike Fitzgerald, Managing Member, Railroad Outdoor, LLC. (www.RailroadOutdoor.com)

“Billboard Loans is different than most other lenders.  They understand the billboard industry inside and out and offer advice and helpful information on market trends.  We see Billboard loans as a partner looking for every opportunity to help us succeed.”

Grey Vick, Grey Outdoor (www.greyoutdoor.com):

“Thank you for your services to help me grow my billboard company. With your help at billboard loans we were able to grow our plant from 10 faces to over 300 faces in a short period of time. The flexibility and speed of funding allowed me to grow the company quickly. I was also required to be more disciplined with the lease amounts and terms. It wasn’t the cheapest funds around but the flexibility and the understanding you guys have of the industry quickly became a real asset for my company.  I would recommend using billboard loans to fund your billboard company in the initial stages and through the growth stages.  billboard loans is a company that really understands the industry. Thank you for all your help and I will definitely use you guys in the future.”