The Process

The lending process typically takes one month.  We can fund loans in as short as a week when necessary.

The loan process starts with a phone call or email.  We will want to know:

  1. How much money you want and for what.
  2. A short description of your business.
  3. Trailing twelve months gross revenues and cashflow (earnings before interest, depreciation and taxes).
  4. How much debt you have.

We provide a term sheet spelling out the pricing and structure of a loan within 24 hours of a phone call.  The term sheet will tell you what due diligence information will help us to provide you with a loan commitment.  Due diligence information will include:

  1. An income statement and balance sheet for the past 2 years.
  2. An income statement and balance sheet for the current interim period and the prior year’s interim period.
  3. Bank statements.
  4. A billboard plant operating spreadsheet.
  5. Copies of your material agreements and leases.
  6. A personal financial statement.
  7. A release authorizing us to undertake a credit, criminal and litigation search on you.

After receiving due diligence info we will provide you a loan commitment.  The commitment process typically takes a week.  We will ask you to send us a check for transaction fees when you sign and return our commitment.

We will schedule a day’s onsite visit to verify financials and inspect your plant.  If you do not pass the due diligence visit we will refund you that portion of the transaction fee less our actual out of pocket expenses.

If the due diligence visit confirms everything is in order we will prepare and email loan documents.  We handle the signature process by counterparts to keep travel costs down.   We will fund the loan upon receipt of loan documents.

Please do not contact us about radio loans.  We do not make radio loans.