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Max Drachman Says Outdoor Market Strong

Max Drachman is an outdoor advertising investment banker with Kalil and Co. Drachman talked with us earlier this month about outdoor values and trends in the transaction market. What trends did you see in the transactions market in late 2015. From our perspective, the end of 2015 was consistent with […]

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Outdoor Values December 2015

Public outdoor values remained stable during the fourth quarter of 2015. The three public outdoor companies have an enterprise value of 3.9 times revenue and 12.3 times cashflow (EBIDTA) at December 2015. Lamar’s multiple increased slightly during the quarter, Outfront’s multiple was stable and Clear Channel’s multiple decreased. Lamar had […]

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Federal Reseve cracks down on risky loans.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the federal reserve is cracking down on risky loans which have the following characteristics: Lax repayment schedules. An absence of loan covenants. Debt/Cashflow (earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization) in excess of 6:1. A crackdown may mean the regulators put the heat on Clear […]

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Billboard Company Values September 2015

Public outdoor valuations declined during the third quarter of 2015, in line with a general drop in the stop market. The three public outdoor companies have an enterprise value of 3.9 times revenue and 12.1 times cashflow (EBIDTA) at September 2015. Clear Channel sells at the lowest multiple due to […]

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What Are Billboard Easements Worth?

Here’s a recent post I put up at about valuing billboard easements. I get asked what what billboard easements are worth all the time. I’m used to seeing a value of 6-10 times cashflow for billboard easements. 6 times cashflow for fast or distressed sales. 8-10 times cashflow for […]

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Five Reasons A Billboard Company Should Be Cautious When Dealing With Landmark

Landmark Infrastructure is seeking to purchase easements under billboard sites. I’ve seen several Landmark easement transactions and have been hearing the outdoor company landlords are being approached by Landmark. Remember the proverb about having a long spoon when you sup with the devil? Here are five reasons to be careful […]